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Susana Labradors
We are breeders of Exceptional Black, Yellow, and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers




 Susana Labradors offers AKC Labrador puppies out of our wonderful Girl Dogs that we have carefully raised and health screened.

All of our girls at Susana Labrador’s are Registered AKC Labrador Retrievers are certified. Some of the girls are also Champions or from Champion blood lines. We have tested all our Labrador girls for Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, or Progressive Retinal Atrophy. These girls are currently producing our beautiful Labrador puppies for sale, as well as puppies we keep for our future breeding stock. As you can see from our website, Susana Labradors represents the Lab Breed standards very well.

Our females at full grown should weigh 62-65 pounds. All of our junior females that we consider to be the pick of litter puppy have been carefully home raised in our house, crate trained, obedience trained, potty trained, and mannered. These pups are well socialized with others, their own age and size. We like to keep our pick of litter from each breeding so that we can produce the same lines from these daughters of our wonderful foundation dogs. Due to our keeping it allows our original foundation dogs that we have used in our breeding program to only be bred a select few times as not to over breed our female Labrador Retrievers.

We select our pick of female Labrador puppy at about 6 weeks of age. We keep a watchful eye on them as they develop and grow. We are watching for personality traits to see who would be a better trainer. We watch for confirmation and body type. We also feel that selecting the largest girl in the litter would be easier when the time comes for a pregnancy and actually delivering the puppies. We look for a broad skull, wide set eyes, and a square head, the blockier the better for a female. A breeder looks for extreme features on a male and more selective type-e all around looks on a female.

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Magic White Labrador Adult
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Chocolate, Fox Red, White, and Yellow Labrador Puppies Available
Chocolate, Fox Red, White, and Yellow Labrador Puppies Available
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