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Kenny and Teresa Bergquist Welcome you to
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We are breeders of Exceptional Black, Yellow, and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

Susana Labradors Home

     Susana Labradors is one of the first West Coast kennels to fall in love with the dark Fox Red Yellow Labrador retriever. Our first girl to join Our Family was Kylie. “Wee Dublin Celtic Kylie” was our forth lab. We found a Big Beautiful Fox Red Stud for her. Kylie threw the most incredible little of Fox Red puppies. Out of this first litter, we kept “Foxy Roxy”.  Actually, Foxy picked us. Her entire litter would be asleep, and she would climb over her Puppy pen and come find us watching TV.  Then, she would lay at our feet, and fall asleep. She was probably the best trained Labrador puppy, that ever grew up in our breeding program. As time went by, we met Judy McCormick, of Keepsake Labradors.  We bought Charm, or ‘Keepsake’s Lucky Charm” as an 8 week old Fox Red Puppy. Later, her Littermate Daily, or “Keepsakes an Apple a Day” came to us as a professionally trained puppy. Where Charm hated to be handled in the Show ring, Daily went on to become an International Champion. Along that timeline we brought in Chuck, or “Dickendown’s Could Chuck Wood” from Utah. Chuck was a light Fox Red with Simmerdown’s and Dickendall lines in his background. Putting Chuck with Daily produced My best ever hunting dog “Clifford” or, “Susana’s Big Red Dawg”. Clifford is a gorgeous Dark Fox Red lab, that was so easy to train, for both obedience, and Upland game hunting.  To this day, Susana Labradors still specializes in the Dark Fox Red Labrador retriever.